How is the Parish Council involved in the planning application process ?

Planning Procedures


The Parish Council has a statutory duty to be consulted on all planning applications that are submitted for the Parish of Barming.


Residents of the parish have the right to attend any of the full parish meetings but cannot participate in any of the proceedings. However, at the chairman's discretion, there is time allocated for public participation at the beginning of meetings.


Meetings are held at Barming Parish Hall in Tonbridge Road. For details of forthcoming meeting dates go to the Calendar page or contact the Parish Clerk for more details.


Decisions and further consultation on planning applications


The decisions taken on planning applications are always taken in the interest of the Parish; during the process we give our support to the applicants and their neighbours who may have objections.


The Council gives evidence to Maidstone Borough Council Development Control Committee on behalf of our parishioners on a regular basis.


The Council also prepares planning briefs and presents evidence to planning inspectors at Planning Appeals to either support or oppose applications that affect the Parish.



The Parish Council will oppose any development that has a detrimental effect to the Parish.